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Supply Management recently carried out a Kaizen event related to the inventory management services we offer the institute. During this event, we mapped out our current processes and identified several opportunities to improve both our services to the BCIT community, and the prices we pay to purchase high volume consumable products.

Whilst there were many opportunities for improvement, the four most notable were:

      1. The implementation of an inventory online store, which we can use to better inform the community of the items we carry in our warehouse. This website would also allow us to accept recommendations to introduce additional high volume items into inventory.
      2. Streamlining the inventory request processes.
      3. Review and consolidation of the current pricing structure and supplier base.
      4. Lay the foundation for consignment or vendor managed inventory


3D value stream map of inventory request process

3D value stream map of inventory request process


Over the next few weeks, our online store will enter its final testing phase so that we can iron out any technical issues prior to launch. We welcome any feedback or comments which will allow us to ensure a successful launch.

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