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About Us

BCIT is a leading polytechnic institution with a global reputation for top quality education. We believe it should also be an industry leader in higher education supply chain management. Our mission is to continuously improve the efficiency of how we purchase, store and distribute items that are part of the expansive supply chains of our Schools and Departments. We will do this through the design and implementation of creative solutions to complex logistical puzzles.

Our Logistics team has leaders in supply chain management and optimization, and we want to supplement this experience by working with our customers to improve how we deliver our services. This site is designed to help us do just that by making it easy for the BCIT community to browse and purchase a variety of existing high-use items, as well as help shape the content of our inventory into the future.

Each person in Supply Management strives to provide you with truly effective logistics solutions that far surpass the industry standard. Our values originate from solid leadership, dedication and a willingness to challenge the existing paradigm with new ideas grounded in continuous improvement principles.

We invite you to collaborate with us!



The Supply Management Team


We are located on the north east side of campus, at the corner of Canada Way and Carey Avenue.