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Q: If my item is sold out, when will it be available?
A: Usually, we make every effort to ensure inventory is available for all our items. However, in periods of unusually high activity, some items may be temporarily out of stock. Products are restocked on a weekly basis, and we advise you to check the product page periodically to see if your item is back in stock. We will be implementing a notifications system for restocked items soon, which will let you know automatically via email once your item is back in stock in our system.
Q: I noticed an error with one of your product listings, whom shall I inform?
A: Please complete the Suggest An Item form (select "Change to an existing item") and submit it with your observations and/or recommended changes.
Q: The online store used to carry Bio-hazard boxes and pails, what happened to these items?
A: Due to an internal process change, the management of bio-hazard boxes (picking up full boxes and delivering empty ones) will be handled via email. Please submit a Distribution Request Form and submit it to: Your request will be processed and a logistics associate will pick up the full bio-hazard box or boxes and exchange it for new empty boxes.


Q: What do the shipping options mean?
A: There are two shipping options. If you choose "BCIT Distribution", your item will be delivered to the delivery location specified on the order shipping address. If you choose "Pickup from BCIT Logistics, NE 09 Room 160", you must come in person to the warehouse in NE 09 for your item.
Q: Can you ship my item to locations other than BCIT campuses?

A: Your items can be shipped to locations other than our five campuses, however your department ORG code will be charged for the shipping costs depending on the destination. Shipping to locations within Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey is provided at no charge. Shipping to locations outside this radius (such as Coquitlam, Langley, White Rock, Delta, and Abbotsford) will be provided by courier and your ORG code will be charged separately within two weeks of your order.
Q: I selected "Pickup", what happens now?
A: Normally, orders submitted for pickup will be processed and held at the front counter in room 160 on the same day, as long as the order was submitted in the morning. If you are unsure whether your order will be ready for pickup when you arrive, please contact Billy Lam at local 4065, or Raquel Jackson at local 8832.


Q: I received the wrong item or my item is damaged, how can I return it for a refund or exchange?
A: Please complete this Distribution Request Form and submit it to: Your request will be processed and a logistics associate will recover the item and refund or exchange it as soon as possible. To speed your refund, ensure you clearly note the total value of the credit you are entitled.
Note: If this error was a result of an incorrect product listing, please let us know using the above "Suggest An Item" form so that we can correct the product information.