To order PPE, departments should complete the following steps:

  1. Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan and determine the type and quantity of PPE that is required. Tools to help determine your PPE needs: Minimum PPE for Close Proximity; COVID-19 PPE Selection Flow Chart.

  2. Submit your PPE Order on the PPE Order Form, accompanied by the Go Forward Plan to

  3. Once received, the EOC will review and approve requests, or the EOC will contact departments to obtain more information.

  4. The EOC will order the items and Logistics will deliver them.

  5. Please do not contact Purchasing or Logistics directly for PPE purchases or inventory.

  6. As all PPE specifications have to be approved by OHS and the EOC, it is important that PPE be only purchased from BCIT.


2018 Year End Closure

Posted by Alex Demoka at

Due to year end inventory stock counting, inventory orders received between March 27th and April 1st  will be processed on April 2nd.

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Suspension on Compressed Gas orders

Posted by Joanne McLean at

As we transition from Airgas to our new compressed gas supplier, orders are temporarily suspended for compressed gas until January 2017.  Any orders placed will not be processed as we are changing the part and item numbers throughout this time.

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Upcoming changes to the ordering process

Posted by Vinay Punwani at

These updates will be live on the store by Friday, April 22nd. To ensure a smooth transition, please login to your account and confirm that your "Approved ORG Codes" list is populated with up-to-date ORG codes. If the list is incorrect, contact Dear BCIT Community: In the next few weeks, we will be implementing some significant changes to the checkout and application process for the inventory online store. We are really excited about these new enhancements and we hope you will like them too! As part of the updates to the checkout process, we have implemented line item ORG...

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BCIT Swag is on the move!

Posted by Vinay Punwani at

This message has also been posted to the Loop here. Big news – Effective Monday, October 26th, the BCIT promotional items program, affectionately known as ‘the Vault’, is moving from Marketing and Communications (Marcom) to Supply Management. Why is it moving? Was it something we did? Not at all. Swag management is moving because Rand, Jimmy and their group in Supply Management are able to provide more product choice in a more convenient and efficient way. You’ll be able to choose from a much wider range of products. You’ll also be able to order products via and have it delivered right to...

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BCIT Inventory Project Update

Posted by Vinay Punwani at

This message has also been posted to the loop. One of the $1M savings initiatives Supply Management is currently working on is related to a review of the items currently held in the NE09 inventory, the pricing of these items, and the feasibility of stocking additional high volume items. Over the past month, we have launched a new inventory request system, BCIT Inventory Online Store. This store will become the preferred method for inventory request from March this year. We currently carry 137 items across 40 product categories. Through this exercise we have been able to negotiate savings valued at $30K. Based...

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