To order PPE, departments should complete the following steps:

1) Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan and determine the type and quantity of PPE that is required. Tools to help determine your PPE needs: Minimum PPE for Close Proximity; COVID-19 PPE Selection Flow Chart..

2) Submit your Go Forward Plan and PPE order by email to

3) Once received, the EOC will review and approve requests, or the EOC will contact departments to obtain more information.

4) The EOC will order the items and Logistics will deliver them.

5) Please do not contact Purchasing or Logistics directly for PPE purchases or inventory.

6) As all PPE specifications have to be approved by OHS and the EOC, it is important that PPE be only purchased from BCIT.
BCIT Staff Name Tag

BCIT Staff Name Tag


Blue Block Logo Style

Name tags are sent via inter-office mail to the person who orders the name tag.

***This product will only be ordered on the first work day of each month and is excluded from the 2 day fulfillment that we strive for as we use an external vendor. Name tags have an expected delivery date of 2-3 weeks after the first work day of the month.***

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