To order PPE, departments should complete the following steps:

  1. Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan and determine the type and quantity of PPE that is required. Tools to help determine your PPE needs: Minimum PPE for Close Proximity; COVID-19 PPE Selection Flow Chart.

  2. Submit your PPE Order on the PPE Order Form, accompanied by the Go Forward Plan to

  3. Once received, the EOC will review and approve requests, or the EOC will contact departments to obtain more information.

  4. The EOC will order the items and Logistics will deliver them.

  5. Please do not contact Purchasing or Logistics directly for PPE purchases or inventory.

  6. As all PPE specifications have to be approved by OHS and the EOC, it is important that PPE be only purchased from BCIT.
FirmFit Earplugs

FirmFit Earplugs


Disposable FOAM earplug. One size fits most ear canals.

Canada Class A(L) / SLC80 22, Class 4 / SNR 37

NRR 30dB.

Technical Data Sheet

Significantly softer*

You can feel that FirmFit is softer when you hold it.

29% Less Pressure*

FirmFit exerts less expansion pressure on the ear canal.

Great Protection

NRR 30dB provides excellent protection in most medium-to-high noise environments.

Easy to insert

Requires less pressure to roll down. Slow recovery rate gives you plenty of time to correctly insert in ear canal.

Easy to see

Distinct warning green color makes compliance checks easy.

Prices include all taxes.

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